Wednesday, July 18, 2012


          I have not written a post in almost a year. A lot has happened since my nineteenth birthday. One thing is that I took that English class over again because the first professor was not a match. The second professor was a true inspiration. I officially declared myself as an Economics major. I have delved further into my skepticism as well. I have had plenty of hard times and some humorous times. I have met new people that I find interesting. I have learned some new philosophy including Maimonides.  Maimonides was a truly one of a kind, it is a shame that there are very few religious people who are as rational as Maimonides, now I know why he was accused of heresy and was so controversial.

       Another update is that I have convinced my parents to let me study abroad in Paris. I have never thought of going to France. I was always scared to venture to France for many reasons. One reason may be, because I am Jewish and I learned about their role in my History of the Holocaust. Another reason may be because I found the whole fancy French stereotype to be overrated. However, I decided that I need to get away from my home for a bit and I always wanted to go to Europe in general, so this is an amazing opportunity. I always imagined going to Italy or Greece, but France is warming up to me. I have read up on some of the mannerisms of the French. I already had a French neighbor, so I knew that not all French people are rude. Going to Paris as a person who barely knows ten words of French is pretty awkward, I imagine that I am a quick learner and I am very determined. I am determined to do all the touristy things, including going to the Louvre Museum. I am determined to avoid Starbucks, and sit in those corner cafes. I am determined to prove to myself that I am capable of independence. I am determined to learn how to socialize better with other people. So many opportunities for me are coming that I can hardly breathe. 

    I am anxious, excited, elated and curious all at once. Meanwhile I will continue to post about random things including the journal assignments I have to do for class. 

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